Keith Waits’ Humble Portfolio…

A Little Bit About Me

Slight introvert that enjoys the process of getting the job done right and with perfection. Whether it is design related, working on my car, home improvements, or woodworking; I have always enjoyed the process of planning every step out precisely with perfectly thought out movements and actions. Every action has its consequences; why not try and make every effort possible to control those consequences. I feel that I am unique in my field because I like to use both left and right sides of my brain.

I am super easy going and can get along with anybody. We all have something to contribute and having a true understanding of this along with being empathetic I believe makes me a great addition to any team atmosphere.

Take a look at the brief overview of my work in the video clip below.

What I do

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I am the right fit for your team. Please reach out to let me know how I can help.